Hunting By The Light Of The Moon

Hunting By The Light Of The Moon short poem

Photo by liza31337

Late one night by the light of the moon.
Two hounds and three fools and I went hunting for a coon.
Now, being from the city it was pretty new to me.
But, I went along just out of curiosity.

We loaded up the hounds in an old rusty truck.
Hope’n we’d get a coon, with a little bit of luck.
We drove fifty miles down a dark, muddy road.
Till the truck overheated so we had to unload.

We slid to a stop, I jumped out with the grace of a fawn,
Landing square in a mud hole, my dignity was gone.
That gave me a hint as to what was in store.
But, I just cussed in a whisper and slammed the truck door.

I walked about a mile, my nose was turn’n red.
Just then, the bay’n of the hounds, says there’s a coon up ahead.
I ran towards the noise as fast as I could,
Know’n damned well if there was a place to fall, I would.

But, I kept on run’n through the briars and the trees.
That were whip’n and scrap’n up both me knees.
I finally found the tree the hounds were bark’n at,
I was breath’n like a quarter horse that was way too fat.

I climbed up the tree and looked in the hole,
What I saw next, scared me down to my soul.
Teeth like a grisly bear, I ain’t seen nothing stranger.
It even had a mask just like the Lone Ranger!

That coon shot out of that hole, knocked me out of the tree,
We were headed for the ground; it’s either him or me!
We hit the ground hard, where’s a mud hole when you need it?
Then he ran off like a rocket, I really felt defeated.

As the hounds licked my face.
The two fools were laugh’n so hard they couldn’t see.
I know that coon had a list of places he’d rather be.
And at that moment, I had a growing list on me.

Well, you should have seen it.
Quite a sight to behold.
So, on a clear night if you happen to see.
One coon, two hounds and three fools…one’s me.

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