A Heaven Inside

A Heaven Inside short poem

Photo by Helga Weber

Soft lines written so bold,
I lie awake underneath all the things I never told,
I try to sleep at night but I´m far too gone,
Off floating in someone else’s head,
Numbing myself away with no one in my bed.

Within all of me all I see is you,
So take me and bury me in your landfill,
Cover my lungs with dirt,
Paint my face with grime,
And leave me to rot in my disgrace.

I’m tired and I’m scared,
And I don´t know if I’ll come around again,
‘Cause my love is only a stain on all your sins,
Just another mistake that I’ll have to answer for,
But I know that I’ll always come back wanting more,
In the cold dark left waiting by your door.

I still linger,
Suffocating beneath the waste I create,
I still think I can save,
That the world and you can change,
Nameless guilt clinging to my frame,
I always wanted what I could never claim.

Tongue tied and young and naive,
But I just wanna believe,
In a heaven inside,
Where our youth can never die.

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I'm just a 15 year old girl with no friends so I spend my time writing crappy poems, listening to music, watching sitcoms, and petting cats.
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