A Secret Game

She wants to be remembered,
A chant, a whisper, a name,
She thinks to herself that if she really shut her eyes,
Would the world notice she is gone?
All the she hears are raindrops against the roof
The rustling of leave out in her backyard
The creaking of her swing, gone along with the memories of joy and laughter
The little games of hide & seek with her father
Oh but how the time passes by!
Now all alone in an eerie dark room,
A soft breeze against this barren, forsaken land
She closes her eye and listens,
The soft footsteps against the creaky staircase.
She remembers the bedtime stories and the monsters in her closet,
She remembers Sally and the late night gossips they shared.
Where was her imaginary best friend now?
The soft footsteps grow loud,
Turning into thuds against the deafening silence,
She can hear his hoarse voice say,
“Let’s play a game, shall we?”
“Promise we won’t tell Mommy okay?”,
She knew it was a new game
But she didn’t care,
She was excited,
She had never been up so late past her bedtime,
She opened her eyes and heard the doorknob turn.
“We shall play every night okay?”
“But promise we won’t tell Mommy. Or else she’ll put us to sleep”, his voice echoing in the air.
She could feel his deep foul breath against her neck,
She could smell the beer off him
She closed her eyes and started counting
Just like she used to when she was nine.
She looked at her bare hands,
She didn’t see her fingers or flesh,
Just the dark blue bruises and deep red clots.
She stared down at her knees,
Her eyes slowly gazing up towards her thighs,
Wondering what he felt when he went down there,
Or when he thrust himself against her.
But no one cared for everyone wants to play,
So she closed her eyes and wondered,
Would the world notice she is gone?
After all, she just wanted to be remembered,
A chant, a whisper or her name.

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