Sandusky Nights (A Dreamland Fairytale)

Sandusky Nights (A Dreamland Fairytale) prose poem

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In dreamland the fairytales are in danger.The dream meanies are on the loose.They have scrambled Humpty Dumpy
and they have kidnapped Mother Goose.
So meet me in Sandusky or somewhere in between it’s a covert operation so come by submarine.

The shadows will be trailing they will follow you around stay below the water
until the sun goes down. There is danger in the darkness there is danger all around. In the service of the Sandman we are duty bound. So meet me in the middle or somewhere in between
Meet me in Sandusky we have to save the dream.

The shadows will be fading mingling with the light stay below the water don’t surface ’till tonight. There’s danger in the darkness there’s danger everywhere. They have woken Sleeping Beauty and they have cut Rapunzel’s hair. So meet me in Sandusky or somewhere in between it’s a sad, sad situation when you don’t have a dream.

The shadows have all gone now there is nothing left but hope. So meet me in Sandusky and raise the periscope
There is danger in the darkness there is danger all around. The princess is still sleeping in Cinderella’s gown.

In dreamland the fairytale are in danger and it makes the children cry.
I don’t know if we can save they but I think that we should try.

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