A Sad Collection Of Almost

A Sad Collection Of Almost short poem

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Strolling in the pavement of almosts,
You stopped in your tracks
And watched how you can never cross the highway of success

The cold gust of reality pierced your skin
While you stood there recalling all the “nice try’s” from your peers

You lifted a leg but the shackle of truth kept you from moving
And like a statue of mess you took your stand, frozen

Every ride ends here like you were destined to stop by
The obstacle course is an oval, and you played in loop.

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Cristine Peñafiel

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I don't even know myself at all, I thought I would be happy by now. But the more I try to push it I realize, gotta let go of control. Now I can move on two paces. Bigger problems no more. Just dealing with high school drama.
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