The Grief Within

The Grief Within short poem

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I have lost myself in some dark corner
A corner with unknown path
Buried in some sepulchre
Such is the grief within

The mind revolts to think
The heart is numbed with anguish
Pain is my best partner
Such is the grief within

Often the darkness of the night
Veils my tears
In the rule of the sun I engage myself in reveries
Such is the grief within

The immortal resident of my mortal frame
Is torn apart in numerous pieces
It screams for peace, for long gone ecstasy
Such is the grief within

The world which seemed a beautiful place
Now haunts me as a Beelzebub
This agony exasperates me, but I cannot get rid of it
Such is the grief within

The clean sheets of paper
Pleads me to run my pen on it
But the thought is futile, my mind revolts to think
Such has the grief changed me

The ethereal being is gone
Lambastes have replaced the exalts for it
I have an Armageddon in front of me, but I do not have the courage
Such has the grief changed me

Often some well-wishers ask me
The reason behind the deep sighs
I am unable to answer, as my partner within is confused itself
Such is the grief within
Which has now grown intolerable
Still I have to live for the sake of someone
For whom I am everything
This does make me smile sometimes
I am compelled to be happy
And thus I try to conquer the grief within.

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