Forever short poem

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I don’t know when
Like the silence of night
He entered my heart
He entered my life
I realised my feelings
When I started missing him
In each moment of my life
His thought was the first thing in the morning
His thought was the last at the end of day
He thought was there with me the whole day
I knew it was a matter of heart
Heart which is the emotional one
But then why I felt the physical pain
Why I felt the feelings of suffocation
The breathlessness each time I remember him
Each moment I remember him
Is like dying and taking birth again
Can love give so much pleasure
And yet so much pain
The pain of him being away from me
The pain when my eyes wished to see him
With my eyes I could see the world around
Known unknown faces
But not the very face my heart yearns to see
My eyes travel as far as they can see
Disheartened my vision comes back to me
He cannot be mine in this life I know
That may be my life’s biggest blow
One day away from this world
In the garden of heaven
We are going to be together
Under Almighty’s vision
Kneeling down I will beg to the Almighty
To give him to me to allow him to be mine till eternity
My love till that day in future
Let us be happy just loving each other

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5 Comments on "Forever"

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ammu sachariah

Savi, its a wonderful one. Let your love be fulfilled.

Arushi Sharma

amazing poem….


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