Vivid Legacy Of A Voiceless Legend

Vivid Legacy Of A Voiceless Legend long poem

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Hours before the birth of the gem,
There was an affectionate argument between them;
Her father said, ”Watch my child change the state as a minister”,
To which her mom quipped, ”No she’ll deliver unbiased justice as a barrister.”
When they received the blessing in their arms,
They were bewitched by her charms.

But their happiness and anticipation,
Was seized by a stealthy aberration-
Nadine was born dumb.
Her father was a political leader,
Her mother, an eminent barrister,
They lived by oratory, the power of their speech
But to the child they did not have their lessons to preach
Because the child was born dumb.

Thus, began the story of misplaced legacies,
And she suffered everyday untold miseries,
She grew up in years and struggled alone,
Everyday brought new fears and reasons to bemoan,
People put up charades of great sympathy,
All because of her disability-
Nadine was born dumb.

The only refuge was the prose, the poetry,
That cluttered and adorned her mind, beautifully,
She bled her heart out on paper,
With ink, she screamed out her labour,
Life had given her so little to savour,
Cause she was born dumb.

But her work shook the government,
It stormed people’s mindset
Her masterpiece was a cathartic threnody,
Attacking the mistreatment of people with an abnormality;
Her work sparked an epiphany,
And they raised their voice against abuse,
And against people’s lopsided views.

Her books encourage a struggle for victory
Against the evils afflicting humanity
The lack of peace and harmony
The evils of poverty and inequality
Her books stress that all we need is determination
And she remains a role model ,an inspiration.

Thus, Nadine started bequeathing a legacy,
Through her novels, prose and poetry;
Her books would live even after her burial,
Inspire generations, undeterred and inexorable;
She finally got what she wanted from the world-respect, love and admiration,
And more –fame, money and adulation.

She showered her wealth on the homes for the differently abled,
To help them to leave their impression in the world, unbridled;
Ministers, rulers and lawyers are at the helm of affairs for a definite short term,
But Nadine would rule states, countries and hearts for ages to come,
Her pen responsible for the legend she had become.

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Indrani Saha

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Whimsical,talkative,fun loving and clumsy-would describe me perfectly.I write to feel better about myself and take a break from the mundaneness of life.
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