Lasted Times

Lasted Times prose poem

Photo by Sandra Falkevik

Lamps are on to find meaning anew,
these pages were worth if I fly planes to you
Our distance hasn’t threatened me that you’ll be away
but the space that you made made me feel like a stray

I hold on to strings that are made with times,
Lasted times well spent by two
You made my days and nights feel dance,
when my music was all blue

Turned pages back a thousand moments
but the chapter’s here and you are there…
I skipped some to find you somewhere
but the page is blank and it leads to nowhere

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Nycolei Ann Baydal

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I am a proud graduate of a noble degree. I finished Nursing at Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. I grew up with strict and conservative parents and with the culture less regarding of this ever-changing world, I became so rigid at others, picky and judgmental.But when I was alone facing the world. I saw flaws revealing the glitter. These blemishes, I started to embrace that I accepted to also love others' faults. My works are reflections of inspiration, pain, weakness, and love. I cannot regret the people who hurt me or loved me because they made me; they are the ancestors of my labor.
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