Bail Out

Bail Out ode

Photo by Steve Snodgrass

Bail out {this just came out of nowhere}

Constantly comparing , obsessively reinstating
their lies! their lies! their lies!
Borrowed ideas,conformist actions.
Reiterating,bent on playing the fool.
Remember the times you use to fly?
Who told you all the ideas you so sincerely abide by?
When did reality blur itself and it became hard to
Truth from lies.
(self saboteur ,that’s all you’ve ever been)
Creating wars in your head,
Hiding from battles that you should win instead.
Look inside (just settle the voice down in your head )
It’s nothing but hatred.
Now you see how you’re trapped by your brain;
You’re asking for a bail out,
All your life,
Wishing for one more bail out.
No need to wait,
Your mind will liberate.
Lib lib liberate.
Open up,
There’s no need to be scared.
{ Stop hiding behind your words,
this ain’t no place ,there’s no space
for cowardice.
How much more time will it take
for you to see,
There’s no lock
And you are the key.}

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