A Walk in Central Park

A Walk in Central Park short poem

Photo by baslow

Walking down central park one sees the Cherry trees blooming
And people that smile back at you when you smile at them walking
That genuine smile that always draws a spark from their hearts to yours
And makes your heart beat faster with great emotions so wonderful and marvellous
You can see people going by with babies that often cry
And a brilliant shining sun and the clear blue sky
It strikes your heart with the greatest happiness to be alive
And makes you so glad it’s the most wonderful sight
Making your eyes soak in all this with so much delight
What a beautiful day to go for a stroll in the sunlight
And the cool dry breeze that refreshes your whole body making your skin nice and dry
And a perfect temperature at 80 degrees not too low not too high
All makes for a very comfortable and delicious day outside.

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