The Window

The Window short poem

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I went to the window, and I watched, as the world went by.
I saw the little children crawling; with sad and teary eyes.
The sky above them was falling, as the hounds of death came calling.
I went to the window, and I watched, as I cried.
The world around us was dying, without a cloud in the sky.
The life we once knew; now but a lie.
I went to the window, and as I watched I was called.
God came with such vengeance bringing justice to us all.
Vainly calling upon his name as they began to fall.
As I watched from my window and worshiped in his name
I saw them dying from the heat of the flame
Or was it just a dream, and I am merely insane?

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A beautiful poem of retribution with past master craftsmanship.

Timothy Rigsby
Timothy Rigsby

Thank you Aloke, I truly appreciate your comments.
Tim (

Nycolei Ann Baydal

This poem is passing through my soul. It taste like revelation.



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