Forbidden Truth

Forbidden Truth long poem

Uploaded by Ejaz Ahmed

No matter how great her calm
How perfect her lies
I can still see the truth
Inside those eyes

At times, I ponder
What just went wrong
That took thine away
while our love was strong

It was never about beauty
It was always about you
No matter what people say
This is the only truth

And now what’s only left
Are the past memories we had
Those moments we spent together
Of happiness, love, hate & sad

If I say you were the only one
Would that be enough for you
If I say you are my only love
Would that be just to bring back you

And when the night falls
I think of only you
As I praise the Almighty
Who once sent you

When the right day comes
You shall bitterly know
That you only reap
The sins you sow

When the night grows cold
It’s when my soul is awake
As I try to find redemption
To my never made mistake

There’s a burden inside me
That tends to grow larger
As I try to outrun it
It seems to run farther

It’s just when times like this
You just didn’t realize
You’re trying to outrun the inevitable
With your naive, closed eyes

That what’s done was to be done
Sooner or later
But the fashion you chose
Took us to lengths even greater

At times, I think
If I asked you to stay
Would that be enough
To bring what’s away

But then I think
I might be wrong
As I once did try it
Before it was too long

I wish to live a life
Without those regrets
That I might have once bore
But now wish to forget

And I wish that I could
Say the same about you
As to leave the past behind
That I once spent with you

But the truth is often bitter
That sets a person free
As you grow the patience to bear
It helps you relieve

But the thing about love
Is that it tears you apart
As the fairytale ends insensate
It breaks your heart

Doesn’t matter if you’re far
And our bodies are apart
As the bond we share
Is stronger after we depart

And on the day of judgment
When luck favors none
Would you deny the misery
That you enchantingly have done

At times, I ask myself
Seldom in mind
Is is better to say your heart out
Or is it better to confine

Let your soul just speak
What tongue can’t profess
Let your eyes disclose the truth
That your heart can’t confess

And I know we can’t be the same
As we were back then
Those were different times
We were different people back then

Though we knew the inevitable
Somehow back then
So we went unsighted
Towards the future to happen

And when you dream of us in nightfall
You’ll be alone in nightmare of your spite
Hence Don’t blame it on me
Blame it on the grim of night

While you try to fool those all
Yet you only befool thyself
As I know the true mortal
That you hide within thyself

So close thine eyes
And rejoice a bit
Let my presence surround you
Let our miseries and joys relit

And if I had the chance to forget
I would let those memories loose
That I could not cherish
In the moments breathed without you

I can still hear your voice
Inside my head
Of your shimmering laughter
With your cheeks blushed in red

So I wrote this poem
To let the universe know
What lies beneath me
What pain thus grows

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An intense love poem written in inimitable language.


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