Turn About Is Fair Play

Turn About Is Fair Play short poem

Uploaded by Trina Williams

I know your pain is real……and now I hope you see
Just how you made me feel
When you were always hurting me

Who cares that you’re crying, who cares that you’re blue
I’m Larry Jenkins……I can do that to you!

But Larry Jenkins…What they say about Karma is true…..
What you do to others, will surely come back on you

Now you say you’re a victim and want me to hear
How you’re hurting inside….but when it was me, you didn’t care

I would try to convey all of my feelings of heartache and shame
Suffered at the hands of my own man, who would never take the blame

For all of his wrongdoings, cheating, and the lies…..
No baby I’m sorry, or I apologize…..

For mistreating you and causing you pain…..Giving you moderate
Sunshine and buckets full of rain……

Well, my darling…..the tables have turned….And now I’ll show you
Just what I’ve learned……..

Who cares that you’re crying, Who cares that you’re blue
I’m Melissa Davis and what you’ve done to me……..


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A powerful poem of retribution.



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