A Cry To The People

A Cry To The People prose poem

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The chains of unity bind us together.
The cloak of conformity makes us one and the same.
The mask of the emotionless shows us that we were made to wear the same face.
They tell us that it is good to be the same.
They encourage us to share the same thoughts, which they control anyway.
But they have forgotten that there was once a point in time where we were encouraged to be different.
We were allowed to share our thoughts.
Our uniquely different thoughts.
We were allowed to be curious and seek the truth, not be given the corrupt answers that we are given today.
So, why did they wipe us of these memories?
Because they want to continue to have their tyrannical grasp on us.
So how did I, in the midst of the corruption, obtain them?
Because I was born with them, and that is something they could not take away.
So, what can I do with these memories?
I will share them with everyone else.
We will show them that we were not made to be one and the same.
We will break the chains, rip the cloak, and tear off the mask that we were forced to wear for so long.
We will no longer be a society where one person is manifested in thousands of people.
Every person can now be happily unique rather than miserably conformed.

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Kathryn Sain

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I've been writing poetry ever since middle school, but I've never really thought about releasing my work to the public until coming to college. Currently, I am studying music as my major and English as my minor.
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A passionate and strong plea for individuality and freedom of Man. Powerful diction



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