Now And Then

Now And Then short poem

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it happens now and then
a mother begs for her child and bleeds inside
down there in the abyss in dirt and smoke
you say it is ugly and turn your
eyes to the Indian rollers in flight
showing the elegant plumes.

you lament about missing footprints,
broken footsteps yet those
shanty shades can easily collapse in the rain
and misery may set afoot
one day and the victims will
shout for help,

It happens now and then
people hurrying here and there
accustomed to the blinding rain,
the birds roost on
the overflowing canal water,
makeshift water bodies.

you are always wise and may jump
in and join in the
candle light vigil for the hungry lives
of the deprived mother and child
lay in hapless silence in cooling nights.

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Gopal Lahiri

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Gopal Lahiri was born in Calcutta, India. He is an earth-scientist by profession.He has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He writes both in English and Bengali (mother tongue).He also occasionally writes fiction, short story, essay, articles on current affairs and scientific interest and does translation work. He has four poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five poetry collections in English (published by Lulu, USA).He has translated (From English to Bengali) a collection of short stories of Israel (published by NBT, India). His literary works appeared in several print and electronic publications worldwide and his poems published in anthologies printed in India and abroad.
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It is a poignant, intense running commentary on life as such and that too beautifully done.


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