Be Brave

Be Brave long poem

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Rain shattering, sunlight beaming capturing loneliness, wonders in the sea of tender love
Close your eyes and think about the quiet moment and the quiet years.
Pray for forgiveness
Pray for strength, pray for love
Pray for courage
Awaken desire while crossing the mist of dreams
Living in a world; lying on the path; bridging through sacred waters
Find wonder; find the absence of love; rejoice in faith; terminate sorrow
Settle from pain; grasp for a change; help one or another through times of livelihood
Strengthen souls; awaken spirit; and capture courage be brave
Try not to look; try not to stare; wind yourself from evil; raise your voice; and strive for strength and courage from the deadness of evil
Be brave
Have strength don’t look; don’t peek. Only god can help you; only you must ask
Be brave
No matter how hard it seems but once you look it has won again
Be brave not to take pills
Be brave not to do drugs
Be brave not to drink; be brave not to smoke
Be brave not to lose control
Be brave not to call or want to call that person that’s causing pain
Be brave if love is there then be patient, be kind, and let go of sorrow
A blessing is on its way; courage is finally coming; and strength is making its way
Be brave god will see you through; he will help you
Hold on to his unchanging hand.
If there is love; unconditional love; boastful love; faithful love; then be patient, be kind

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Tyesia Taylor

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I am a full-time Doctorate student. I am optimistic, loving, caring, aggressive, fair, and strong-willed. I enjoy reading and writing. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love being a mom.
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