Cages Of The Mind

Cages Of The Mind short poem

Uploaded by Rome Lofton

We transferred…
From cages in reality,
To cages of the mind.
Stuck in a mindset.
Where someone owes you something.
Instead of working for it,
You blame others for your misfortune.
“The White Man” kept me from getting this or doing that.
There are successful African-American CEO’s, actors, scientist….
So how is it the “ White Man’s” fault you didn’t get hired or casted.
Instead of a handout,
“ Where’s my 40 acres and a mule”,
We need to unify and earn it together.
Don’t ask,
Yet achieve.
Why subjugate yourself to be controlled,
When you have the ability to do so on your own.
That’s a slave mentality.
But it’s the ones still teaching that,
Those are the enemy.
Parents, friends, family,
Hindering your brain.
Telling you that someone owes you something.
Even though;
You didn’t feel the burning sensation of a whip to your back,
The fear to look in their eyes,
The pain of being torn apart,
The lifelessness of being lynched.
What claim do you have over their suffering.
Yes, we were slaves,
But Native Americans were hunted.

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I'm 18. I started writing to express what I couldn't say out loud. That transitioned to writing poems that would either help someone heal, laugh, smile, or realize a problem in their life or the world. Writing to me, is an escape from reality.
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