Devils Delight

Devils Delight long poem

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As he grew up behind the hill
In a small village beside the mill
Dreaming the dreams he had to dream
He frolicked upon the meadows so green

A childhood so sweet he lived upon
Flowers and fragrance and the sweet corn
Inch by inch the taller he stood
Wrinkles in brain turned the game so good

The beautiful rustic look upon his face
In the midst of nature made him an ace
So simple a life devoid of race
lived in the midst of heavenly grace

Day after day he did no deed
Blessed he was from stress so freed
Stunningly gorgeous his heart with love
Ambled anonymous like a white dove

To some he was dull and to some he was dumb
So silly and stupid so materially numb
He had no job he had no strife
No damsel would dare to become his wife

Love joy and peace his critics never used
Only diamonds and silver and gold they mused
They could not gauge his heart within
Which was so tender without a sin

Without a job it was a crime
How could he live without a dime
All that he did was laze around
And upon him, all the people did frown

They mocked him for naught, but he never fought
Deep inside him his heart began to rot
Insanely innocent and stuffed up with sadness
Hit with their words he was crammed up with madness

That rustic beauty was a thing of the past
Battered and bruised his heart broke at last
The youthful glory vanished and gone
And then he just wished he never was born

They killed him with words that were sharper than swords
And forced him to run upon meandering roads
A lifeless body lost upon lifeless roads
Hedges and bushes singing funeral odes

Inch by inch as his strength ebbed away
Slow and slower as he slowed down and swayed
Those righteous folks did sit down and pray
Singing him sympathies as his spirit waned away

He could not gather why they were soft
All those who criticised him as often as oft
Why should they bless him so close to the grave
All those who cursed him when he was a rave

When he raised his hand to bid adieu
They cried with their eyes and bid adieu
No longer could he see them in view
He looked forward to a life anew

And then he was stopped by prince charm of hell
Who offered him wealth and power and well
Showed him the beauties of being with him
Enticing him into that beautiful sin

Stuck in a dilemma whom could he tell
Life was so sensuous in charming hell
How could he give up those lessons of righteousness?
All his life he had learnt in his blessedness

But what had righteousness given him in life
Could not even provide him with an indecent wife
All those people with hypocrisy he would teach
Wickedness as much upon sands in the beach

But deep inside him a little voice said
Why should he paint his life in red
Ruin his life in the hands of the devil
His precious life till now which had no evil

He had to just, mortgage his heart
And from the ways of blessedness depart
To prince of the hades, he would now report
New pages in history that he now wrote

Heavens came down to grieve upon him
When he fell down, a slave to sin
A slave to rule and ruin the world
After his soul to the devil was sold

There was a great rejoicing in hell
As man to the tricks of the devil fell
To conquer man was a dream of yore
Of the devil who was always corrupt to core

He once was a man and now a beast
Tormenting those people was indeed a feast
To him now all, that wrong was so right
People who mocked him now fled at his sight

Insanely innocent but eager to annihilate
He devised new ways of cruelty to gyrate
He rose in power and wisdom and stature
As people saluted him in his new found nature

That once rustic look came back with vigour
Tearing down righteous men coated with sugar
Evil and wicked thoughts painted that soul
That which was white now as black as coal

In Slandering the slanderers he was incessant
Cheating the cheaters was so very pleasant
The joy of life was now in wickedness
As Ubiquitous iniquity became new blessedness

This colossal carcass of corrupted matter
Who received the hypocritical world on a platter
In exchange for his soul to the devil to rule
The corrupted world that called him wise in place of fool

From king to emperor he turned in no time
There was no day now in his life without a crime
He had no dime when he had a soul
Which he sold to the devil to be bathed in gold

Once no damsel dared to betroth him
He now had a harem, to him amuse and win
Wealth and power could enchant damsels in vogue
Blinded to the absolute sin of this absolute rogue

Resolved to rule and ruin the human race
The devil had found in him a perfect ace
Yet it could make him not in any way immortal
His rule would end as he was still a mortal

All the world’s wealth and all the world’s health
Could not make this demon proof from death by any stealth
And on the appointed day as he fell into bed
The angels happily waited to pronounce him dead

That rustic innocent beautiful boy
Now lay in the arms of death so coy
As that soul came back into the body at night
Released by the devil upon death’s sight

The marching bands played funeral odes
To the soul which was on hell’s roads
To burn in fire and brimstone through eternal night
That soul went back to hell as devils delight.

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daniel shankori

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Working as Vice Principal in a college in Mumbai. Can play key board, guitar and mouth organ. Voracious reader Hold a Masters Degree in Aesthetics
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Legend of Dr. Faust still lives with all its poignancy and inherent tragedy. The story has been enlivened with artistic finesse and woven with heartfelt sentiments.




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