Having love in our hearts and intelligence has been able to change things that no war has
By making us see for ourselves how wars are always so dirty
And end up in the unnecessary deaths of so many of our loved ones
Yet when there is love in our hearts and intelligence we can solve any problem no matter how filthy
To raise war is to be unforgiving in our hearts and incapable of caring for so many innocent lives
That often die in battle at such a young age that they are of this challenge unworthy
To love is to forget all without vindictiveness and to start all over with our lives
But instead to hate is to hold on to the rage and to destroy all things that are earthly
I think, guns was the worst mistake ending in the death of some innocent lives always
Even those who fire up in the air to celebrate end up killing some innocent birds almost certainly
So let’s try to control these guns for the sake of all human beings
And keep the peace and love among us all from becoming rage so desperately

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