Forgetting long poem

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Let’s paint these walls red,
With the blood of our dead.
Of the lost and wounded,
the sad and depressed.

Let’s paint that chair green,
With the leaves of the trees.
The trees cut down, every day, week, month, year.

You’re gonna remember, when you could’ve said no. You’re gonna remember, when you could’ve helped them let go. You could’ve saved a life, whoever it may be.
You could’ve saved them.

Let’s paint the lamp black,
For all the close minded kids.
No amount of sun, could ever help them see the light, they always think they’re right.

Let’s paint the desk blue,
For all the sufferers at school.
With the wrong people lost and the right ones found, the desperate don’t know what to do.

You’re gonna remember, when you were walking home. You heard screams, one, two, you were running and couldn’t slow. You got to your house, and sat on the couch. You’ve forgotten this, haven’t you? Until now.
You could’ve saved her.

Let’s paint these windows pink,
Because they never truly let us see.
It’s almost childlike, how we look out at beauty, and yet we can’t hear the frantic birds or anxious tires how they want to be heard.

Let’s paint the television yellow,
Because it’s brainwashing us all.
We think it’s so great and then we lose all our sight, with a rotten brain and too much night.

You’re gonna remember, when you were late leaving school. You heard someone crying, you could’ve helped them too.
They were surrounded by people, pushing and prodding.
But they found a weak link, and came out running.
You stood watching, as they caught him again.
You stood there…. He could’ve been saved.

Last but not least, let’s paint you and me, black and white, I say, do you agree?
For we have both made mistakes, we think we know all. We see things as black, black and white, and that’s our downfall.
However, I will say that together, I like us better that way, as grey.
We figure things out, figure the truth. And that is why this, is to me, and to you.

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