O’ Woman

O Woman short poem

It Breaks my heart
Rips my soul apart

When every morning the newspaper reads
And various news feeds, talk about
Girls and women, young and old
being savagely raped and killed or sold

It breaks my heart
Rips my soul apart

Female Infanticide is rampant
A girl is not safe
even in her mothers womb
before she breathes they build her tomb

It breaks my heart
Rips my soul apart

Burnt alive for dowry
Or acid attack by stalker
Often treated like a burden
Just because she is born a daughter

It breaks my heart
Rips my soul apart

Treated like an object to satiate desires
At a time, even immolated in her husbands pyre
Easiest target for verbal or physical abuse
Convenient vent for pent up frustration or blues.

It breaks my heart
Rips my soul apart

While everyone talks about bringing a change
But,the ordeal continues, Is that not strange?

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4 Comments on "O’ Woman"

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Ravindran Govindaraju

Very simple,and evoking conscious thoughts ,on those gender bias,bestial society/as much our missing daughters killed in the womb.Thank you

Editorial Board

Speaking outside of the poem, @Nazima_Kachwalla, you must have noticed that women were considered inferior citizens even during ancient times. In Egypt, they could be rulers only as an adjunct to a male brother. As a Queen, they must be married to the brother who is king, no matter how old the brother is. Cleopatra, daughter of Ptolemy, was in this fix when Julius Caesar found her, but before that, there were many Ptolemaic brothers who died of poison. During the time of Moses, the Israelite census did not include women in the count of the population. Even in America, the bulwark of freedom and equality, gave women voting status, as the men only later. You sure have given audible voice to the feminine issues, and in a poetic way. Write on.



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