Forests In Flames!

Forests In Flames! long poem

Uploaded by Dr.Indu Nautiyal

Fire in the forests
Or forests on fire
Absolute catastrophe
For the flora and fauna
Living in there !

It brings untold sufferings
To the myriad life forms
Ranging from soft green grass
To thick bush lines and tough tree trunks

Armies of ants and tiny insects
Bees , butterflies and birds in nests
Mammals with their little offspring
And even human beings coming nearby .

All desperately running for life
Here and there in utter dismay
To find a shelter in the that very place
That once had been their own sweet home .

What caused this terrible incident
Is a question that torments everyone
whether it was Nature or human mischief
That planned this wicked and criminal misdeed .

Was it a spark created unawares
The result of a sheer negligence
Or an act of deliberate offence
Planted with some selfish intent ?

Whatever the reason behind , but now
The bitter truth we do realize
That unable are we to douse this blaze
However hard we go on fighting .

Hence as the ultimate resort , we all
Turn to you for help , my lord
Pray , save your helpless creatures soon
And pour down your mercy in heavy showers !!

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Dr.Indu Nautiyal

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I have been a teacher for about four decades ,but even more than that , a student and learner all along --literature being my favourite subject with special love for poetry , a trait I seem to have inherited from my father,who was a very good poet ,it was he that instilled in me a deep love for poetry early in childhood . Starting as a science student ,I shifted to literature after graduation and and worked on Emily Dickinson's poetry for Doctoral degree. I don't claim to be a poet ,but do admit my inherent love for poetic utterances as and when I find them and sometimes feel inspired to give vent to my own emotions in words that seem to convey them .Honestly it happens quite effortlessly and also leaves me with an immense satisfaction .If it can be termed poetry ,all the more rewarding. .
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