Loving and Leaving

Loving and Leaving short poem

It was not easy
to turn a blind eye
to your sorrows
so I left
for your better tomorrow
It was very hard
to drink your tears
when I knew
I was the reason
they became poison
which killed our relation
when I couldn’t make you smile
How could I make you cry?
left the desires
killed the dreams
some new dreams
are here to stay
making me free every moment…
But still
It was not easy
It was a matter ..
of loving and leaving

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Editorial Board

It takes a big heart to love in losing, @Archana_Sharma, one which could love a pet bird and let it go free. In other times, such a one may be called a martyr, to forego self-interest for the sake of the loved one left unencumbered to seek a better future. You have woven an intricate tapestry of denial, as many poets before you have done, and glory at such a sacrifice. so wonderfully depicted in your poem.


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