The Pain Of A Child

The Pain Of A Child long poem

Uploaded by Shan Willi

It was dark and gloomy like the east cost of London on a Thursday

Yet the call from the hospital gave my mom and I chill and out minds kept

I remember the night like it was my birthday

The traffic light was as bright as a smile of child

running wild.

My brother with a broken neck did not register in my immature mind

I was too young and too blind

My family members and friends’ faces were as sad as a bird with no wings

The atmosphere was gloomy and depressing

I never saw my mom so down and stressing

Tears and scream flooded the hallways

I had no idea why all this fuss on a Sunday

I started to think how could I fix things

I stared at the sky and wondered why

Am I really ready to say good-bye?

He was always there for me to talk

I was still confused on the funeral day

Why am I at a church on a Friday?

I held on to my mother as she cries

I fight the urge to look her into her eyes

I never knew I wouldn’t see my brother again

My brother was my rock

I tried to escape the pain

The next day felt incomplete it was dead and silent in the streets

I blamed God time and time again

This pain never seemed to really end

I painted the picture over and over with a marker

Losing my brother on his birthday

How can one lose a part of themselves and recover

Something I have yet to discover

The days got darker

Never fades away

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