I’ve Had Dreams.

Ive Had Dreams. prose poem

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I’ve had dreams of other places, other places where I have lived.
Places different from where I live now. Places that seemed just as real.

All we know is what our five senses allow us to know.
There is more to show that we could possibly know.
Dark matter for example. What is it? Dark energy same thing?
We know so very little of what reality is, there is so much more to learn.

We are just a short time having crawled out of the primordial ooze. We are still fighting and brawling amongst ourselves, not yet fit for the larger reality. We must get our own house in order first, before we can be accepted into the larger we.

There is so much more to know, understand. There may be others out there waiting for our maturity not wanting to waste their time on us now. We can’t accept our own kind because of the color of their skin, why on earth would we accept them.

Humankind is on the cusp of great technological revolution that could change mankind forever. Can we move forward on a more forgiving plane of existence leaving the pettiness of skin color for example behind. There is so much more to reality.

We live on a tiny orb our cradle in space, everything we know and learned in our tiny time of existence is just a pinpoint on the line of infinity. Ours just one universe, a bubble in a multiverse of infinite realities older than our minds can possibly grasp.

Humility is not something we are good at wrapping our minds around. We must understand we are still babes in the woods with much more to learn and understand. We must learn to get our own house in order first. Accepting one another and treating our home world, our cradle with more respect before we can move into the infinite reality of true existence.

We have our work cut out for us!

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