The Perfect Horizon

The Perfect Horizon prose poem

The Perfect Horizon prose poemPhoto by magnusdigity

I’m waiting for the day when I yell at you and you don’t yell back at me. Rather you take it all. Because it’s all about the sacrifices that we make for each other. You take it all without uttering a word against me. And then you ask me about what’s wrong. What was so wrong that made you shout at me, baby? What negativity was stronger than my love? And when I fake a smile, you look me in the eye and ask me about what’s wrong. You hold my hand when my hands feel lonely. You hug me when I’m sad and when I’m not. And when I cry, you won’t care that your favorite tee is getting wet. We laugh at each other but then there comes a whole minute of eye contact and we start smiling, you look away blushing. You’re all red, and I so feel like cuddling you. Because we’re there for each other when we need us and even when we don’t. You be the stars and I be the night sky, both so very incomplete without each other. And I won’t need a mirror to look at my inside, your eyes reflect me and my eyes reflect you. Because all that you’re, and all that I am, is what makes us who we are together.

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Himanshu Bageshara

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I survived Intermediate high school. Although nothing more than a student for now, but nothing less than a poet too. Just 18 and carry way too much emotion in my head, well, that's poet-like.
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