Chains long poem

Chains long poemPhoto by Akuppa

Brought over in physical chains,

treated like insects.

The belief that one’s background,

determines who he is and will be.

Though times have passed,

the chains remain.

Not only for those who were brought in it,

but all those who are different.

Angry at the world,

screaming why did you make me like this.

Wishing they were like the others seem,


Chains of image.

Making you feel inferior,

to those who play God.

Judge for how they speak or look,

cast out to those of the same category.

Injustice of murders,

yet all see blacks dying.

An image people fail to see,

the hispanics, italians, asian, and others.

The homeless,

treated less than human.

Chains of superiority

While most of them are war veterans,

they gave their lives for us yet people can’t give them 2 dollars.

Trapped in chains,

only we hold the key.


as people.


as a nation.


as humans.

Have never ever been ever to say we,

it’s always us and them.

Chains of ignorance.

Those may feel like these doesn’t apply to them,

Chains of denial

We all are links in a chain,

the importance of which is irrelevant.

Chains cannot exist without the links,

Chains of oblivious.

The world,

full of corruption & greed.

River of lies flowing through the core of humanity,

faster than the air we breathe.

Chains of deception.

Slowing the progress of our society,

as each link grows.

Chains of decay.

As each generation comes and goes,

the chains remain.

Made of misunderstanding and false ideas of reality,

Stronger than magnesium alloy.

If there our chains,

then there must be a key.

If there is a key,

someone must have it.

Who has the key to unlock the chains,

that is the real question.

One that has eluded mankind,

waiting for someone to find it.

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I'm 18. I started writing to express what I couldn't say out loud. That transitioned to writing poems that would either help someone heal, laugh, smile, or realize a problem in their life or the world. Writing to me, is an escape from reality.
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