A Stray Notion

A Stray Notion short poem

Apathetic forever responses
just try being bit concerned

Readjust to a sense of giving
for volumes to be returned

Get rid of limiting blinkers
to view all what surrounds

Delights ripened for picking
where bliss always abounds

In vain quest of inexplicable
old bridges which get burnt

Prove means to an inapt end
for lessons late in life learnt

Seemingly secure closeting
a haven around that’s built

A very base of self deception
validating some earlier guilt

Tenacious assumed persona
deprives one of genial verve

None there to stand beside
what intent will then serve

Penitence notwithstanding
never late to make amends

Restore whatever possible
before all ultimately ends

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Editorial Board

The notion that this piece, @sunny-chopra, would not delight never strayed in our minds.


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