Prospero’s Storm

Prosperos Storm prose poem

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And so ’tis done – drench is gone
Salted spray no longer flies the wild air
That grim Tempest, that did wax and surge deep, now makes only whispered remembrance of its fury and troubles not the delicate house of a spider
This lonely isle, once fouled by the breath of Sycorax, now floweth with honeyed air
And this Sorcerer is soothed and cradled in the arms of his completed Art

So sleep brave mariners that wide-legged did stand fast against full coiled assault
Sleep and weave shipshape dreams this night in your silent timbers
Kiss corner-mouthed the pillows of your accomplished peace

For it was in darkened history that sombre Mars bore grievous witness to my most cruel and unjust exile and with brawny arms he did unfold his maps of war
His contortions made sounds so harsh that, in Mercury’s flash, the ice of distant planets did crack and send a crescendo of splintering across Creation
That agonised god set out his plotting in the attitudes of the stars which, in their celestial positionings, did deliver me to most toxic and venomous agitations and did appoint me soldier
Antique spirits arose before me and did beat upon drums of battle that did sound within mine own head and I did, deadly and pale, swear a hissing vengeance
Clamped in jaw and with spit and with seethings I did lurch and roll in movement and sound in manner that did speed beasts to urgent flight and make all the forest empty

But soft – these grotesque horrors placed no serpent in my infant’s heart
For constant Miranda did, in grace, place perfect hands upon her father’s watered cheeks and guide his doubled torso time and time again to pointedness with the Heavens
My fair pupil was, indeed, my radiant teacher beneath both sun and moon
And for my medicine and kind amusement that slim-waisted child did hop and turn in gentle play in fashion that did make Ariel grin and call his sprites to attentive audience
Her songs to the sea and dancing upon the sands did, in their beauty, turn back a thousand washing tides where Canute’s majesty had persuaded not a single flood

My distorted energies were restored and achieved a regularity that did make me well
A sharper edge was brought to my magical constructions – for secrets are revealed more readily to compassionate eyes
The paragraphs of Law within my books balanced themselves before me in the music and harmony of sweet revelation and I did, with, lightness of touch, draw up the four low winds into a crashing fury
The sea did rise into a black mountain

No longer scorched by the fiery pitch of Mars, I did walk in peace and Lucifer could call me companion no more
Beyond the burning troubles of day and the woeful pictures of night the intent of my heart was not to punish by science but to nurture by Art
That Tempest did, by design, scatter and separate only to make preparation for a holy gathering
For these voyagers were wrecked men indeed long afore they were fresh laundered here by Neptune’s hand
The terror and madness that I did bestow upon those bewildered heads in this deliberate construction did dispose these players to an accelerated learning
The ship’s rolling bell did signal study at this brief university and thunderbolts did set scrutinous examination
For no man doth slumber long in a college of fear
This artificial drama did spin and whirl these silhouettes in such motion that light did flow from their expanded souls and they were puppets no more that did drag and strain at their neighbours’ strings

And so ’tis done – drench is gone
And here I stand scissored from my Art
For though my mystic heart doth ache for incantations I did, to the elements, return the levers of my Magic
There are stiller truths that have no need of manipulation
For we are made of nothing and we are made of everything and we cannot but flow together
It is unity that we pulse
And it is in unity that we hop and turn in gentle play
With Ariel we do fly
And we do dance immaculate upon still water

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