Fathers, We Have A Question For You

The fish in the river died
And the river became foul smelling.
There was blood all over
In containers both of wood and of stone.
In houses both of Pharaoh and the peasants
In nations, both of the government and the civilians
In companies both of employee and employer
In races both of the black and the white
In hearts both of strangers and neighbors
In homes, both of fathers and sons.
And now fathers, we have a question for you.

We have asked for a loaf of bread
What you gave us was a bucket of stones
You told us to change them into bread
We did not know how to
Yet we did not starve
Fathers, we have a question for you.

We have asked for fish
What you gave us was serpents
You told us to refuse our God and follow your ways
We feared but remained faithful to our God
Yet we did not die
Our fathers, we have a question for you.

When you refused to give us food, we did not starve, why?
When you abandoned us, we grew up to build happy families, why?
When you paid us less for what we had worked for,
We still saw tomorrow with a smile, why?
Why did we work harder for what we did not have?
When you worked less for what you had already?
Why did you raise dust at us and ignored us,
When we walked several kilometers to school by foot?
Why did we starve, when you could buy food for us?
Why did we drown in rivers, when we could walk on a bridge at your signature?
Why did you know our pains, yet did nothing about them?
Why did we ask for your wisdom, but you shut your wealth from us?
No matter how prodigal we may be,
Fathers we are still your children, we are still your patriotic citizens.
We are still your workers, we are still the youth.
We are the future of tomorrow.
And we need answers from you.

You gamble with unborn lives
Forbidding them to do better than you have.
You over feed your livestock while your workers eat in pigsties.
You strive to fit more wealth were it is already full
When your gardener’s son does not have shoes to walk to school.
You carpet your roads with minerals and spray ornaments in yards
When there are children who cross flooded rivers to school every day.
You have preached Christ by your words
Yet your actions preach sexual mistreat of several women.
You feed your acres of loan with expensive pesticides
When villagers squash on a small land to grow enough for the families.
You discard a table full of precious food and feed to the dogs
When Lazarus has only stones to scrub his leprosy.
You wear shoes you cannot walk in,
You buy cars that cannot save your lives,
You wear clothes that reveal your bodies,
You do all this, so that your enemies will envy you.
Ohh he-Jezebel! ! !
Yet like mortal men you die
But the grave of the rich and poor knows no specialty
‘Rest In Peace Beloved’ is what it says to all who see
But only God knows who has more peace than the other.
And it is only He who can give us the answers.

When we were all young we knew nothing
It was God who fed us with Mana
It was God who clothed us with animal skin
It was God who forgave us with His abundant Mercy
It was God who healed us by His Son’s stripes
It was God who fought for us the Spiritual wars
It was God who gave us life.
It is God who gives us everything.
When we were all young we were born with wrong
And it was wrong that revealed our nudity when we sinned against Him.
Yet it was Him again, that clothed us.
It was Him that forgave us.
It was Him that gave us another chance.
And it is Him who gives eternal peace
Which like the answers,
Can only be found before it’s too late.

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Poet, Word Composer, Writer, Speaker, an All-round Activist.I love poetry for in thee I find solace and peace. I find a platform to express myself without limits and share courage without denial. I have published two books. My Quiet Place and Confiance; an anthology of poems and a novel respectively, which are already on sale. I will never stop writing because I have already started......
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