Smile Forever

Smile Forever short poem

Every morning my eyes open
To the charisma of your beauty
As if the-all-night-gaze wasn’t gratifying enough
Please mind not if my fingers wander
If my hands wrap around you
If my lips kiss your feet in admiration
They are too, crazy about you
Watching you smile when you open your eyes
Has been the most beautiful sight sunshine
Filling me with the sense of completeness
It makes each moment worth every breath of mine
Consider me mad ‘coz my love is madness
am madly in love with you
Not just morning but every night too
I want to wish you
With all the love in my heart
In every way I can express
‘Coz I don’t know which wish will be my last
But I want to make sure whichever it is
It will be the most memorable for you my love

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Touching hearts spreading love, caring and helping to restore the faith in love and humanity is important to me. Life is to live love and care in the end am just a soul on my journey and i want this journey to turn out to be the most beautiful of my eternal life.
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Editorial Board

@felixthefreesoul, the directness might deviate from its being poetic. As has been told in your case, when there is nothing left for figuring anymore because a spade is called exactly a spade without any hiding from the usual usage or ordinary sense. Nevertheless, the heart finds joy in the lines, pleading as though to deny any chance of being answered in the negative, or be misconstrued to be anything else, but what it plainly states without pretense to be figurative. It shines within its own particular appeal.

Antresa John

nice poem..


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