Rules. prose poem

Rules. prose poemPhoto by maf04

You break the rules, with your sly stupid smile.

Your unforgiving dark bold eyes and your tousled hair.

You’re driving her normal.

Normal as painful as it sounds, normal like a woman.

Who never felt like a woman.

Who never thought she existed to someone.

Who never imagined to be called Beautiful. Every once in a while.

Never thought she’d be combing her hair for someone,

Never thought she’d be wearing her favorite outfit,

Never thought someone would stare like that when she smiled.

Never thought she was capable of being admired.

Yes you break the rules.

Until she met You. She was so sure, sure of living life according to her plan.

Until you came. You changed everything. You broke down her walls.

You made her fall. You made her climb. You made her do things she doesn’t believe she can.

You made her cross the line, there was a fine, fine line before.

Nothing is the same.

Look at her now.

Look at the new pattern she picked up.

Only because of you.

You broke the rules.

You made her a mess. A glorious kind.

Only if she knew. This isn’t her anymore. She has changed into someone.

Someone who would let you tear her heart into pieces, her plans into can’ts and her doubts into cans.

Someone who would argue million times, passionate rage, only to free her from rules, rules meant to be broken before, rules that are vague, rules that are making her play safe. Absorb nothing.

You replaced them with a f*&k-it list.

And she took it.

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A passionate poignant poem. Excellent craftsmanship also


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