Suicide Train

Time provides what the heartbeat hides; measurement and release for its subjects.

Time provides us with existence, a temporary installation of measured quantities encapsulated by one quantum.

Time will provide insistence of a contract between living things, a state of regression, a period of depression, no solitude for a session not even reason.

Sideways walking, a sign of loss when you lose control at the expense of most maximum toll. We live in a format of political rule, and at the end only one fool.

broken bones, broken sorrows, broken windows, broken souls for sins and sinners, bad things were once beginners with beginnings, and good things that will forgive us.

Time is variable, it does not conduct attachment or emotional support, but instead will infiltrate your head with panic.

Time does not care who is or who is not! for time holds no reasonable ability other than to start and stop.

Time is a stop watch with differential functional properties that man insists, claim to have reason and will qualify at least in some part to formulate logical feasible approval.

Time does provide for us. It provides structure and organisational freedom, time hides for us, what we don’t want to see when times measurement is empty.

Inside exists the mind balanced and free silenced by a swollen breeze, you cannot breathe, you cannot see or feel or even realize feeling, just lay there empty but at least dreaming.

Listen to the rain the next time it falls, listen, how it calls. and spangled dancers are the leaves on the trees that lift and congregate with a shift toward the breeze followed by a mist of Christ.

This is not a celebration, it’s in relation to be futile, same as a few Jews sitting on a corner tile waiting for the Germans to regain, and sing heil.

Bring back the factory to the slave and the infirmary for informal deduction.
At this point say goodbye, get the next suicide train out of time and insist on a refund.

Bring me to a state of infinite absence!

Can measurement exist outside the boundaries that govern time?
Time cannot constitute death, because time ends for the subject when death begins for the reject.

To be correct, you will end up in a state of absolute absence.

Infinite absence, absolute absence what’s the difference?
Absolute infinity! Are you absent? And if so, well then it’s absolute.

Negative for too long, way to fucking long, looking at life all wrong, life is a gift of random and wonderful wonders.

At this stage I know where I am going. Too the big bang shop!

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Deep, philosophical thought about nature of time turned into poetry by extraordinary artistry.


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