The Epic Of Kristina

The Epic Of Kristina prose poem

The Epic Of Kristina prose poemUploaded by Caleb Harris

Part One – KaySee

You message me, I respond to you.
Just want to hang out, what was I to do?
First two days, everything goes great.
Presented yourself atop a pedestal, all that’s on my plate.
Suddenly your thought’s askew.
Your mind departs; everything’s a strew.
You steal my heart, we could have gone so far.
But you ran away, and stole my neighbor’s car.
The cops showed up asking about you.
What was I supposed to do?
Now all that I can do, is sit; thinking about you.

Part Two – Kristina II: The Bionic Vapour Girl

A part of you, it died, throughout your voyage of the clear liquid skies.
But now part of you is revived, that clock-work motor lights the spark in your eyes.
The loving part of you’s renewed; just can’t believe it, what did you do?
Now you’re all refreshed, like giga giga Gilgamesh.
You contacted me, relaxing me, and now you’re asking me, “can not you see, that it’s meant to be?”.
I tell you “Of course I see, I can see, this whole You and Me!”.
Somehow get it in your head, must return, lay in my bed.
You don’t know what to do, steal another car? If you only knew…
Got into a high speed chase, against the cops you raced, heading towards my place.
You swerved, you crashed that car, the side of a building now rubble; you didn’t get that far.
Maybe now you’re where you’re meant to be, can’t see me, it has to be, destiny, your large crime spree.
You sit, cry, wait, you’re behind bars; should have never stolen that damn second car.

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A sad beautiful anecdote turned into an exquisite poetry with extraordinary finesse and artistry.


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