From Dark To Light

From Dark To Light long poem

From Dark To Light long poemPhoto by h.koppdelaney

Part 1

I’m blind
There is a darkness
It resides deep in my mind
Pitch black
A million screams
Stolen breath
Peace I cannot find

Puppet strings
A piece of me for everyone
Lifeless toy
For the taking
No repercussions
Except for me
In the cold
I bear the weight
While they
walk towards the sun

Damage done
I reek of it
Broken shards of life scattered at my feet
Chaos unfolding for the one hundredth time
Blood droplets
Purple markings
Freaking rage!

A life lived in turmoil
Body broken
Too many times to count
Salvation questionable
Empty hands exposed
Body cold as ice
Silent screams abound
Save the beast

Part Two

And then
A voice
From distant places
Not of this reality
A faint glimmer of light
Breaks through the haunting darkness
Interest piqued
Hope held high
Yet walls still high as heaven

Words like tiny fractures
Fragments falling
Piles from the past
The wall begins to fall
Crumbled bits of broken dreams
Broken bones
Lay forgotten at my feet

A spark of heat
Eyes wide open
Is this reality
A warmth beyond comprehension
Am I deserving
A hand expressed
Immediate fear
The wall not fully shattered
A word is spoken
That unearthly voice
Like music to my apocolypse

I am redeemed
Lifted out of chaos
The wall surrendered
To the nothing that was me
There is a light
I can see

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