Waiting At Crossroads

Waiting At Crossroads short poem

I’ll be waiting my friend, at the street corner pub.
Waiting for happy hours to end.
Waiting for the waiter to
Take the last orders.

I’ll be waiting for
My glass of wine to
Concoct the image of you
At my browned nicotined lips.

I’ll be waiting at the railway station for the
Last suburban train
That ferries worn out salesmen
to middle aged wives and
Bug-ridden beds.

I’ll be waiting in front of the mirror
For wrinkles to appear
At the corners of my eyes
And dried up mouth.

I’ll wait at my sleepless balcony
For a reddish orange dawn
While you’ll sleep beside your
Ragged, time-worn woman
In your plush three-bedroom flat.

I’ll wait through the hackneyed years
For a peaceful soundless death –
That will merit a verbose obituary
In the highest selling newspaper
At some cost.

I’ll be waiting my dear friend
In memory of that moment of truth
When you and I were united
In a cheap hotel room –

Hoping and waiting, for levitation.

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14 Comments on "Waiting At Crossroads"

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Editorial Board

We were waiting, @Pallavi_Banerjee, for that telltale disclaimer of truth in your lines to confirm our hope that you have written all this in sarcasm. For how else will anyone wish for his own peaceful soundless death if not in that sense? We were indeed held clinging to the edges of our seats till the last lines, or till the last suburban train appeared at the crossroads.

Srideep Chatterbox
Srideep Chatterbox


Chandrama Deshmukh

What a refreshing piece!
The images in your poem stay with the reader long after one is done reading the poem.
Thanks for sharing.


@Pallavi_Banerjee This is not just poetry. You have held a mirror which if seen (read) will reflect the story of many lives. I have seen mine. Face looks a bit dull though I guess it is manageable.


@Pallavi_Banerjee My pleasure madam.

Editorial Board

@Pallavi_Banerjee this had to be! Having been with us since the start of our journey, you were bound to figure in the editorial favourites because you are indeed one of our finest poets and this poem is admirable especially for the simplicity of words compared to the intensity of feelings that are captured, a finesse only possible for an accomplished writer. We do miss reading more of your poems as it has been a long time since you wrote in to us, please do , we and our readers will look forward to your remarkable writing!

Jafar Sadik


asoke kumar mitra

excellent write. imagery are so true. but very heart wrenching write, my voice choked.

Mrudula Rani

A beautiful poem!



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