Lost And Confused

Lost And Confused long poem

Lost And Confused long poemPhoto by winnifredxoxo

Not an hour goes by without the thought of
He, the one who betrays me
He, the one who leaves me smiling
He, the one I hate
He, the one I love

Not a day goes by without the thought of
She, the one who turns away from me
She, the one who makes me laugh
She, the one I am enemies with
She, the one I am friends with

Not a week goes by without the thoughts of
He, the one who makes me dazed
Her, the one who makes me cry
Him, the one I hate
She, the one I am enemies with

A month goes by with one last thought,
Him, the one I love
She, the one I am friends with
Blurry images, Wisps of voices of
Makes my heart flutter, makes my spirits lift
Memories, Clear, and Bright of
Makes me lost, makes me overwhelmed
Should I love?
Or should I hate?

What is the meaning of this loving hate?
What is the meaning of this hateful love?

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