Hope Of Lost Love

Hope Of Lost Love ballad

Hope Of Lost Love balladUploaded by allan muzhanje

Only a reminiscence of the love, the beauty of a feeling shared,
A mirthful experience, days of undoubted happiness, Mutual bearing of nature,

There when you avouched you would never leave,
Those moments when you would hold on so tight,
Sure I had never felt so much aroha before, you were incredible, a blessing,

The only thing that delighted me those days,
The only thing that entertained me was looking at you for as long as I could, the didactics of passions
we yielded,
That evening when I looked you in the eye, drew my face to yours and you told me you loved me,
Your oculi the only I had ever looked into with that type of affection and conviction, you were the best,

I was always superfluously gentle with you, my fragile,
I was lost in your eyes, my heart buried in your love, I felt relevant, needed, afraid,
Always had been petrified, you were incognisant of it but, I was terrorised by its presence,
Why did it feel so perfect when nothing is?

I was going to be hurt, against the thing we shared I knew.

All my instincts told me so, long before there was even a memoir about us.
I failed to raise any logical or valuable reasoning to relinquish and waive away the protuberant attachment between us but, I knew I was in a dilemma.

There was a throbbing in my heart, yes a pounding,
An awakening of spirit that lit my face with a smile, ignited my body,
Made me lose control and snatched my confidence. Always happened whenever I set my eyes on you, your spell was incredible, the only of its kind.

It was magical every time, glamorous as if for the first time no matter how numerous,
It always was unexampled for me. It got me stupid and speechless on countless occasions but, you knew it was love, depths of it and out of restraint.

Irrevocable, yes your tenderness maddening,
I can’t say you were equally confused and out of your mind like I was but,
I know you felt exactly the same way or more safely I should say there was a time when you did or even experienced a stronger sentiment.

Yes there was a day you let yourself go, let the curbing slip away, sat in my lap, and took my hand and pressing it hard against your heart, I heard you whisper, you loved me.
We were too fitting maybe, not even the tiniest of glitches that’s the reason we wouldn’t last. We were inevitably going to break

No maybe, what if we don’t stop and we deny surrender and we fight on.
Gather your courage and pick up your valiance if it’s worth it.
We both understand there could be a chance. I suspect you are aware there still are, no matter how miniscule, some tactile sensations between us,

I hear it in the sound of your voice, it is plain in your lettering on every note you have sent me, and your wording divulges a hidden trace of residual emotional drive.
I could take the leap but, this time I will be brave and let you surf through that.
I cannot afford to be eager but, there is light, there always is.

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allan muzhanje

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