Two Fireflies

Two Fireflies prose poem

Two Fireflies prose poemPhoto by theilr

The whisky, the dream, and the cold sky
The river below cries a lullaby
Two street lights flicker and die
Stars twinkle, the moon and two fireflies
Our friends sleeping below, it’s just you and me

Words are easy, they come they go by
I can write you a song or try a rhyme
Say a million things and make you smile
Call you a friend to travel the next mile
But the night is all I have, ‘morrow you fly

I don’t want the sun when the night is so divine
But time is a bad friend, the unfaithful kind
I can break the clock and throw a dice
Try my luck to keep you in this paradise
Would you stay just for now and maybe all the time.

I would say I need you, and use it as a super glue
Because I want to eat nuts and lie on grass with you
Make you a hut and a swing to stay afloat too
So hold my hand this time and commit this one tiny crime
Know that I will be okay by daylight as my love hides in plain sight!

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