Emotional Tat

Emotional Tat prose poem

Emotional Tat prose poemUploaded by Monica Rupazo

I have kept in my heart
I have revealed within my conscience
The things I wish I had known
Before I came to know you.
They told me everything I needed to know
To keep me falling in love with you
But they didn’t tell me all
Because they feared breaking my heart.
I had closed my eyes to your weaknesses
Ready to embrace our strength and move on
But you failed my hopes
When it had to be you, to break my heart.

They told me how sweet you were
I accepted as if I were unaware.
I took you in with every promise you made to me
And every normal thing you wanted me to change.
I accepted as if I were unaware
Yet fully aware I was deep in love with you.
Now I see you mold another girl’s heart in your interest,
Building her hopes with your sound confusion and indecision.
I can tell her everything she needs to know
To keep her falling in love with you.
But I won’t tell her all
Because I fear breaking her heart.

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Poet, Word Composer, Writer, Speaker, an All-round Activist.I love poetry for in thee I find solace and peace. I find a platform to express myself without limits and share courage without denial. I have published two books. My Quiet Place and Confiance; an anthology of poems and a novel respectively, which are already on sale. I will never stop writing because I have already started......
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