End Reservation!

End Reservation! short poem

End Reservation! short poemUploaded by Biju Revamma

Brahmin wrote it and
Sanctified in thousands names of gods.
Gods from books
Ruled the sky;
Over land and water.
The real God is banished
As dark matter!
Shudra had nothing;
The land his placenta fallen
Or the sky he raised
From it to breathe;
All reserved in books.
The Books said Kali Yuga!
But it’s Kala Yuga Now.
Brahmins put blockades;
Bidding for their long felled
Yuga to come.
End reservation!
They yell!
When they yell,
It’s not a yell;
a Mantra!

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Biju Revamma

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Indan English, Malayalam language Writer. Writes Short stories and Poetry
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