Dreams – Desire – Passion – Ambition

Dreams   Desire   Passion   Ambition long poem

Dreams   Desire   Passion   Ambition long poemPhoto by Pavel ahmed

Relax and wait for a while
Wait for quite sometime
Wait until the next moment in time
Let the next moment in time be a thing of past
Wait until that point in time
Once that happens,
then proceed towards doing what you had got in your mind.

The first thing that comes to mind is to decide first with regards to what needs to be done at the present moment in time.
Decide something and decide for once,
once decided then be firm on the same.
As of now at the present moment in time don’t look back,
since it’s time now to take a proper line of action.

Better to be what you are rather than putting all the efforts in doing something about which you are not at all sure, of which you know it’s not at all possible for you to do this thing in the present.

Things are not the same as they were in the past
A lot of things have changed a lot in the present.
Over a period of time a lot of things have changed with regards to what was thought, planned, designed and desired in the past with regards to the present.
In the past things were a lot different from how they are as of now in the present.

For one reason or another
For some reason for sure
Certainly there is quite something that bothers the mind
Certainly there is always something that goes on in the mind
There is always a reason with regards to why things differ in the present when thought from the perspective of how they used to be in the past.

After having worked out upon a few things in the present, a few more are waiting to happen.
Still there is always a hope that somehow an individual will survive the crisis going on in the present.
Also there is always a hope that the same individual will come across something better in his future life.

As such there is nothing that can be ascertained, absolutely nothing
Nothing remains constant, absolutely nothing
Nothing seems to be certain, absolutely nothing
The only thing that has remained consistent is a change, which has been taking place in and around the present moment in time.

In all the changes that took place in past followed by those in the present,
when present moment in time is supported by the fact that some changes are bound to happen in the future,
always it’s better to be a part of the present rather than waiting for something to happen along in the future.

Remember something;
there is always something that can be done when the conditions are not in favor,
since nothing is there that remains forever.

Nothing remains as it is in the present when seen with regards to the past and future
There is always a better way of having something of your own in the present rather than waiting for something better to happen along in the future
The wait continues, since things don’t seem to be over
Wait until the present moment in time becomes a thing of past
Wait until everything gets worked out since changes happen and new things emerge.

When there is a change in the way of thinking,
thinking about something else,
something different,
definitely this change needs to be followed by the right way of doing things,
along with a proper line of action.

The right thing when done at the right moment in time makes all the difference in the present with regards to the future.
When you wait for something to happen,
then the wait continues forever,
the wait never seems to be over.
A realization of the facts followed by a keen understanding of the present,
an ability to shoulder to shoulder a responsibility with regards to how things will be in the future,
each and everything and all when improved upon will decide how things will shape in the future.

Give your best
Think of nothing else, but the best
Definitely the best will be a part of your life along with the changes that take place in the present with regards to the future

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