India And I

India And I long poem

India And I long poemPhoto by Brianna Lehman

I come from a country called India
The women here are known for the Bindiya
Here there’s lot do with name Khan
And the yummy banarasi Paan
the land of Bollywood
where rice is the staple food
Ever increasing rate of corruption
Never ending problem of the population
One of the largest democracy
Proven to be a legacy
Minister in race for supremacy
And unmarried women suffering from pregnancy
The history of the freedom struggle
And the IT industry bubble
There are a lot of flaws
Trying to get out of its claws
We still remain developing
From what I have been seeing
I am from southern city
But still I can proudly say there’s Unity in Diversity

I do a bit of writing
And make sure its rhyming
I have tried to mimic
No, that’s not a gimmick
I took a shot at the jive dance
When I got the right chance
Oh yeah, I also have a blog
And I would love to hog
Something attracts me for the good
And that’s the aroma of food
On a trek, when I went up the hill
The wind there helped the wind mill
Something synced with it, that’s my first name Anil

The thoughts of my mind are so subtle
To comprehend them and make them unsubtle
I need some space for myself and my mind
To put them together and get them entwined
And make them grow into a tree
I visit them again and again like a marquee
Something reminds me that I am part of a hierarchy
And that’s my last name Kulkarni!!

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Anil Kulkarni

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I am Software Tester by profession, currently working in the USA. I test software, write poems, love to cook and a movie buff. I breathe Kannada, but gel with anyone and everyone.
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India is not as bad as being expressed. Why only the pessimistic features were touched?. One has to be proud to be an Indian. Few will realize this fact only when they go outside of India. Try writing positive as well. Fine.


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