Rise Of Humanity

Rise Of Humanity prose poem

Rise Of Humanity prose poemPhoto by Iqbal Osman1

When humanity first became aware, the world was a scary dangerous place.
Everything was a mystery, nothing but survival at stake.
We created gods to help us make sense.
Gods became the catchall to explain the unknown.
Gods became religions to hold things in place, to offer control.
Due to human isolation, religions evolved differently all over the place.
From the gods in Valhalla to the ones in the sea.
We all had different ideas of what the gods must truly be.
Religious wars down through the ages killing millions in the name of god, what a disgrace.
Today, humanity is spread around the globe, hundreds of religions all over the place.
Killing, still to this day because god wants it that way some would have you believe.
The naivety of humanity just stunning to see.
No one truly knows the Creators intent, though many religions would tell you they do.
Power and control is all they really know. The few telling the many what to believe.
The world can no longer go on in this way.
Religions are constructs made up in human minds, difference due to many things.
Somehow I wonder if the created would really want to see us behave in this way.
There’s is no guarantee the creator made an afterlife you see.
It’s a comfort to think so but there’s no guarantee.
One wonders if the Creator has turned away after seeing what we’ve done to each other and our place.
As we move forward in time business as usual will only enhance our disgrace.
Humanity must unite under one common theme, humanity for humanity’s sake it must be.
We must grow and mature as soon as we can. Treating each other and our world with respect and dignity. There are many who would smile and call this naive.
We must smile in return at their immaturity realizing their way is now done, from here a dead end.
Would our created be displeased if we evolved in this way.
How could that possibly be?

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John Prophet is considered by many in the literary world to be the Salvador Dalí of poetry. His rough-hewn unfettered style mimics the artist’s unconventional view of perceived reality. Prophet encourages (through the skeletal approach of his writings) the reader to focus on the individual meaning of each word, thus allowing its message to be front and center. Meaning that can be muted within sentences and paragraphs. This creates vividness otherwise hidden. The skeletal nature of his efforts also allows the reader to flesh out meaning based on the readers personal worldview. Thus no two observers are reading the exact same creation.Wordsmith Association
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Shivkumari Divyashree Shriyanshi

Impressive blogs,I like this poem


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