Action Equals Consequence

Action Equals Consequence short poem

Action Equals Consequence short poemPhoto by palooja

Today I think I shall stay in my bed,
Nothing accomplished, step back instead.

No time to eat so I’ll eat on the go,
Binge all day long but nobody knows.

Petrol is low but I’ll take the chance,
Roadside rescue the day will enhance.

I’ll “snooze” the alarm for a few minutes more,
Chaos descends as I rush out the door.

No time for the gym, I don’t want to be late,
Feeling depressed as I gain all the weight.

Over-stretching my tasks and my time,
Anxiety builds with no chance to unwind.

10% battery on my mobile phone,
Run out of charge on my way home.

I promise to keep all of our plans,
Despising myself not sure if I can.

I must remember each action I choose,
Carries the consequence to win or lose.

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