Reality Strikes

Reality Strikes short poem

The gentle touch of the breeze
Unfolds the fragrant petals
To have the nectar, the bees
And butterfly on it settles.

All around is green
The nature’s carpet laid.
The blue sky above, and
The clouds giving the shade.

The rainbow forming the arch
Causing spectacular scene
The Romantic world’s portrait
As it always has been.

The blood shed and the kills
The ruined young and women.
Drugs and likes that thrills
The skeleton shaped human.

Chains of discrimination,
Whites and blacks!
Evils of modernization,
Ethics and goodness that lacks!

A chaotic world around
Confusion everywhere seen
The Reality of the world
As it always has been.

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Mohammad Nibras

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Founder of You Can Lead, a grass roots level leadership initiative empowering youth to discover their true potential, irrespective of birth or living conditions. You Can Lead’s projects include Leaders Of Tomorrow, Project Bright, in collaboration with educational institutes to empower youth to leadership. He is a Global Shaper from the Bangalore Hub recognized by The World Economic Forum.
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Ravindran Govindaraju

If reality smacks ,my dreams becomes farce,
All life is check and balances..
I love with crescendo , penultimate four line that reasons..Thanks my friend !


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