That Is How I’ll Remember You

That Is How Ill Remember You prose poem

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That is how I’ll remember you…

With the dimpled cheeks and the cheeky grin. Forever nudging the awkwardness away from introverts like me. Laughing, cracking jokes and discussing the likelihood of Trump becoming the next American President, all in one breath.

I’ll remember you as the one who knows my deepest fears and silliest conquests. The one who corrects me on my grammar and still says that I write the best stuff he’s read. The one who judges everyone. But not as harshly as he judges himself.
The one who can call me out on my bullcrap.

A little self centered, a lot verbose. A bit condescending yet so very close. Someone who has somehow taken hold of a part of my soul, my heart, my mind.

I hate you, but not really. I hate how you can so easily discard people from your life. But I admire you for your self sufficiency. I hate how you assume people are uncaring. Yet I love when you tell me that I’m special. That hanging out, spending time with others isn’t as good as it’s with me.

I hate how you make me feel like I mean something to you. Because at the end of the day, I know. I know that you will do just fine without me. But I won’t.

I will always have you at the back of my mind. A lust to know more; about you, your life. An bump into you on random Street corners. But that won’t happen. Because we won’t just drift apart in body, but in soul too.

You will still be my bespectacled, dimple cheeked, cocky friend. The one person who knows me inside out and doesn’t realise it’s significance.. I will freeze you in my memory at the moment you told me that I will be missed. Nothing more..Nothing less..

That is how I’ll remember you..

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