Inner Strength

Inner Strength short poem

Photo by VinothChandar

Her face was a canvas for his fists.
Her mind, a sponge to absorb his taunts.
Her heart, a dart board to field his barbs.
But her face was aglow with a radiance
Secure in the fact that she had her world in her hands.
Her world that had grown from a sapling into a plant.
Her plant needed all the nourishment.
So she had to store her inner strength.
Many a times she felt like walking away
But what kept her moving on was her inner strength.
Days passed, years flew
The one who had flexed his muscles was a pale shadow of his earlier might.
Ego had dissolved, age had caught up with him
All his so called friends had vanished.
What remained with him was this canvas.
He decided to use the brush of love
To erase the memories of bitterness.
He got a second chance for both had the world in their hands.
Her inner strength had triumphed and she didn’t feel caged.

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prema balaji

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I am a teacher and love to write in my spare time. I worked for a while as a journalist but now find teaching children to be my true calling.
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