Made Of Black

Made Of Black prose poem

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We are called a “shadow”, they say we should never have existed at first.So they treat us like mere entities that exist only in their dreams,

We are called ,’ugly’ because we are black ,because we are different ,

Our uniqueness draws their envy, our hearts pump love instead,

We live by the chances they proffer us, yet we are still ever willing to show kindness , fight injustice , love humanity like it is our only tre

We fight for what we crave the most ,’justice’ not for ourselves but for our legacies yet unborn,

We want to be treated as if we existed, as if we mattered,

You enslave us with your injustice , and give us nightmares as dreams,

we want to be spoken to , not shouted at,

Our black is a beauty no man can take away , our unity draws our diversity and creates our uniqueness,

They imprison us with their injustice and give us black Novembers,

But deep down ,we know who we are and we are not afraid to dream of a better tomorrow ,

We strive everyday to create a better tomorrow for our unborn children,

We are made of dreams , unity and most importantly

black is not synonymous to lack,

We are made of black.

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